Monday, November 24, 2008

the search is on

Our search for my beloved laptop which i will be naming NANCY is ON!

Last saturday, with diretions on how to go to gillmore at hand (thanks ate binx) and the specs on the other hand - hubby and i braced ourselves and walk hand and hand to a place unknown to both of us. Gillmore.

We were awfully successful. Awfull, to begin with my husband is easily lost for directions, and i am forgetful now, so we manage to practice our close up smiles everytime we asked for directions on the friendly people of the republic- but we got there safe and sound! thanks GOD! :D

Canvassing was the word i extremely dislike. I told hubby that with canvassing you used a lot of energy and it was so tiring, and you soon go home with nothing- you tend to choose and it was harder to pick the best! I could walk out with the thought of it.. but really what i was suggesting is that i loved the idea of going home embracing nancy that day.. :)

But it was hubby's way now. We forgot that there is a daily withdrawal limit with our ATM of P20,000. And we did not bring any card to back us up.. and so i embraced canvassing that instant and promised to go back there the soonest - and that would be next saturday! :D

Our search is now down to two - Hewlett Packard 540 or MSI S1313. They are both worth P30,000+ or $600+ but MSI has a built in webcam.. i think NANCY has to be the MSI.. what do you think umma dear??


Umma said...

Hahaha.. poor thing.. I know its kind of hard to canvass things like that.. But you think about it, its all worth it my dear.. Just buy which is best for you so you can enjoy "Nancy" very soon.

Btw, Im glad you so like the makeover that I made for Yena's blog hahaha... I like it too even hubby said.

Well, next makeover.... will be yours hahahah...

Enchie said...

Hi Niko! Hope you'll be able to find the right Notebook.V- Mall in Greenhills is also a nice place to find the right Nancy :)Just in case.

here's the list of stores.
happy hunting!

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