Friday, November 07, 2008

jealous lover

jealous, i know i am but my husband is the most jealous creature ive ever met, that's exaggeration! hehehe. he is a jealous lover, but more on being protective. over jealous for me is insecurity, and insecure we are not! we are both secure in each other's love. wink. true! :D

once upon a time, during our first months, i knocked him down! literally and physically i gave him a manny pacquiao signatured upper cut, and that left him toothless! when asked by his officemates what happened, he told them i got fuming mad with jealousy that i punch him until satisfied. i know i'm cruel! but that left us confined to his dentist for a day or so..

nah, before you think any farther, the real story was - we were having our wrestling-ufc-styled bonding time and i was really beaten by him.. i felt so defeated that when i got the chance i got up and punch him direct to his mouth! i felt victorious for a second but when i found him holding his tooth - it was my downfall!

now we look back at that unforgettable moment with lots of laughter, that would keep the two of us rolling! and until this day, his dentist would always remind him not to play around or he will have his tooth fixed again!


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Whoaaa.. hold up, girl! You are not only strong emotionally but physically too! LOL

Umma said...

That's so sweet about the wrestling fight, I hope next time it will not end up that way. It cost you too much hhahaha

Im so glad you have so much stories to tell Niks..your life is not dull at all wink*

niko said...

Blogger Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You?

waaaaah you have a long name dear.. :D thanks! i just got the chance and i grab it! :D

not at all dull. :D
im sure you have lots of stories too. am waiting for u to share it too.. am excited here na.. hahha

Mom of Four said...

Niko, aba'y masyado ka palang pisikal, hehehe...

well, it's an accident, no one to blame, right???

as long as it's not intentional, you can keep on playing..just not to rough, or you will make your dentist rich..Hahaha

niko said...

it is an accident talaga..

kaya lang ung dentist nia ang alam talaga sinadya kong suntukin si yobib.. iba tuloy ang tingin sa;ken.. do i look like a brusko wife to her?? maamo kaya ako.. :D

leidyundercover said...

ang gwapo.. at ang bait!

charlbert said...

pretty cool lambingan huh? lol!!

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