Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the mushroom love story

once there was a girl who was engaged to be married to her soldier boyfriend. though on distant relationship and they see each other once every year, the engaged girl was very loyal to him. on the other hand, there was a boy who was also into long distance relationship. though he loved his girlfriend, he played around non stop thinking his girlfriend would not know - he was a certified playboy.

and then one day, when the girl was on deep thought of her long distance relationship, the boy came along. he was calling her at the office at first.. and then decided to asked her out for a dinner the next. they didn't know then that they were falling for each other, they thought all along they were building a friendship after all they both have their own relationships. the girl thought the boy must be a good shock absorber of her not so happy love life. the boy on the other hand, wanted to test his charm..

the boy decided to break up with his girlfriend.. he finally told the girl his feelings for her. since the girl was holding on to her soldier boyfriend, she was left confused. the boy begged for a secret relationship, the girl agreed. she had the two of them for months, she was a cheater once in her life.

after a painstaking decision, the girl though confused let her heart do the decision making - she chose the man who made her heart beat a thousand times for just the thought of seeing him, she opt to be with the man who was always there for her and made her happy everytime they were together, she prefer to be with the man she will love most for the rest of her life. against her family and friends desire - against all odds! SHE CHOSE HIM AND HE VOWED TO HER!

it is by this end, that i have to say. niko is the girl and you know yobib is the boy. and why are we called mushroom? on those months when we have to hide our relationship, we both thought of mushrooms that seem to be hiding everywhere.. but while mushrooms are sprouting at its peak during rainy season, this lovers represent a love that endures all weather.


honeybhing23 said...

nasubaybayan ko na ito noon ah! hehehe...anywayz sarap balik balikan ng pagiibigan nio...

wish there will be more little mushroom baby to sprout besides this two big mushrooms...hehehe

Umma said...

Eventually Love prevails ika nga. Super sweet ang love story nyo ha? Kinilig tuloy ako puedeng pang MMK HAHAHA.
But then you both proved to the whole world that love will cross bridges and climbs mountain.

Sometimes its kind of hard if you are tangled from love, bec there is always confusion at the same time guilt. At least you follow your heart and proved them wrong that love indeed belong to those who fight for their love against the world.

You did a good choice my dear, look at the result.. is she lovely and pretty?

Mom of Four said...

Wow naman! ganon? hehehe, Against all odds huh...That's so cool. Sabi nga nila, if it's meant to be, it will be. Siguro di lang talaga kau meant ng ex bf mo and vise versa. Buti n lang, nabuo nag love affair nyo, nagkaroon ng Yena, yeheyyy!!!

Di pa ko naka post ng Love story namin ni Rodney. Baka bukas meron na..Naglakwatsa ako today eh...

niko said...

i was often asked by some friends if i ever regret marrying yobib..

it was a constant NO. how could i be he is the only who gave me flowers at no specific occasion, he surprises me everyday with his littlest gestures of love, and he loves me more and more..

regret is the farthest thing when im with him, or with or without him, love him to death! :D

thanks for all the support friendships!! love u all too! mwaah

niko said...

and why not write your love stories too dearest??!!!

are sheng, umma and mommy.. i will wait ha! post it soon!!! ;D

Ria said...

wow, this is a very "testing" love affair and at least you have a happily-ever-after ending unlike other people.

i have a poem for you here:

Shinade said...

What a wonderful love story. Congratulations you newly weds. And congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl.

May you both be as blessed as myself and my husband. We have 26 years in and we are more in love today than we met!!

May blessings of love and peace rain down on you and your family for all time!!:-)

SHIELA said...

a very nice love story. about mine, baka magalit asawa ko muntik na kasi akong magtanan before pero sa ibang lalaki...LOL. buti na lang napigilan. but he knows about it naman.

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