Thursday, December 11, 2008

missing piece

for the first time ever since the day we became a couple, hubby will be away from me and yena for a night. tonight is hubby's company christmas party at tagaytay and they will spend one night at their big boss' house.

tonight would be the saddest for the month of december, coldest for the year. i am going to spend my night thinking of him, smelling our pillows that would remind me of him, hugging myself tight as if he's embracing me, talking to myself whispering iloveu as if he's tucking me to bed to sleep and putting yena down to sleep all by myself careful not to let her feel dad is not present for a night.

i am torturing myself intially now to make me feel frozen coz for tonight i will be numb. tonight will be a struggle to try myself to sleep the faster i could, but i have to! tomorrow will be a day to finally be with my missing piece! i will never be a puzzle solve without him.


yobib said...

It's also hard for me to spend the night without my 2 precious girl in my life but I have to do it coz the next day I will be rushing to you and to my yena carrying our LCD flat screen TV..! wish ko lang..hehehhe

Umma said...

Its ok my dear.. at least u will be missing each other more tonight and thats the fun of it..

Sometimes you need to have some space in order to grow and the next time you wil see each other..,...
Dyaran, very sweet and cant go off with each other..oppsss. baka magka 2nd Yena ha? just kidding wink*

I felt the same way too every time hubby will go to Vegas for convention but he see to it that he stays there for a night only..

Mom of Four said...

Just for 1 night, emote na kau, huwaaa! what about me and Rodney? we get apart for 2 weeks, or sometimes, more than a month because of work. Sana rich na lang kami, para sama ko sa knya, oh di ba? if we can pay someone to look after the other kids..Hahaha!

Mareng Niko..Umma is right, sometimes, couples need to be away from each other to realize that life is not the same without each other by their sides.

Saka malay mo manalo sa raffle si Pareng Yobib, oh eh di may LCD flat screen na kau..isipin mo lang yun..Take care..

moongoddesslae said...

aww... that's really full of sweetness! I don't know what else to say...the sweetest!!

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