Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Change of mind

When i was still unmarried, I love planning things - from the littlest details to the enormous one. On the other hand my husband goes with the flow and is not into nitty gritty of preparing things. I dont know if hubby infect me with his being carefree with life.. but i was not planning anything at all too. That including our daughter's baptism and birthday next year.

This was what struck me last week. As i ponder on dates.. January 15 next year is barely more than a month already and to think that we have not yet plan on things makes me cram so much. And so i immediately do the budget, reception, food, party package, photo service and all. That was a lot to think of, and with my ever busy schedule and loads here at office - i thought i was palpitating already!!

Since Yena's birthday, january 15 falls on a thursday we plan to move her little party on the 11th. And since we wanted a dual celebration of her birthday and baptism - January 11 is the best date so far. But after a brainstorming discussion with my inlaws sunday night, we decided to make christmas day as her baptism and january 17 as her birthday celebration. So this is what i forwarded to her godparents yesterday.

Since christmas day was not possible for all the godparents to be there considering they already have plans for that day. Hubby and I decided to change the date to January 18, 2009.

Planning, preparing, budgeting.. Another essential task new parents should master to do!


Mom of Four said...

Tama ka dyan Mare, lahat pinaplano ng maaga. Ako nga birthday lang ni Wrozlie na pang 3rd eh a month ahead ko pa pinaplano if wag na mag party or mag party, hehehe..
You're doing great..Don't get stressed out..
Take care...

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