Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Church Photos

Right before the baptism ceremony

See the baptism ceremony pictures here.

After the ceremony, Picture taking time now for the Godparents.
Here are the GODMOTHERS.. (10 Godmothers not in attendance here..)

Presenting the GODFATHERS... (3 Godfathers not in attendance)

Whoa.. Yena's GODPARENTS!! (Yena has a total of 30 Godparents all in all!) Hohoh.

Finally now, Yena's proud PARENTS.


Umma said...

Whoa!! 30 Godparents? super dami pala ng ninangs ang ninongs ni Yena baby.. hahaha..

sweetytots said...

nice family photo!

Mom of Four said...

30 Godparents?? Wow..ang daming nagmamahal kay Yena, at I am proud to say that I am one of those..
Go pouty Yena!!

Enchie said...

ha!ha! cute ni Yena! love the last photo naka pout uli...

Madz said...

hahahha daming ninongs at ninangs ni Yena, good idea yna mommy Niko pra dami gifts ni baby sa b-day and pasko!! hahhah

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