Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to eat crackers with poise

This is how Yena eats her crackers often times.. She holds them "beauty queen-like" hahah

I don't know where she got this, or every child steps into a stage of holding crackers like this.. If your baby eats like this i will be at ease knowing am not alone.. ;)


Mom of Four said...

Wrozlie eats with fine attitude like Yena. Same with Roan.. Si Alex ang medyo kapag kumain eh hawak ng lahat ng daliri ang food.. Roan also eats with his mouth closed..

Enchie said...

girl na girl! to be honest she's the first baby I saw holding a cracker that way :)

kikamz said...

yena is so cute and very girly holding her cracker that way! sarap nya pisilin! sam does that sometimes.. but oftentimes, she would fully grasp her crackers.. takot na mahulog or agawin ko sa kanya.. hehehe!

Umma said...

SOsyal ang inaanak ko ha? Demure na demure ang pag hawak ng cracker... hahaha..

Anonymous said...

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moongoddess said...


Wendy said...

that picture with the "fountain" hairstyle while she holds that cracker with such poise is sooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

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