Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After days of unusual cravings, i have to confirm now that i am - actually only PMSing or pre menstrual period sydrome'ing Hahah. Now i have to clear my thoughts on things i have been imagining like future playmate for yena, another 9 months of pregnancy and the likes. :)

Now i have to warn hubby to stay away from my sight and stop procrastinating coz that would lead to one thing he would not like! I have the worst mood swings when i have my period so it is better to stay away an inch from each other..

I don't know if other woman experience PMSing just like me, But everytime i have my period i just don't have the proper moods to stay alert. I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep. (it's lunch break now and i will be taking a nap, yahoo!)

How about you? How do you handle PMSing??


Enchie said...

Sayang akala ko may next baby :) ganyan din ako pag malapit na period may cravings and mood swings, and sometimes akala ko din may baby :)have a great week sis!

Madz said...

hehheeh thought you'd say, confirmed that I am preggy!!!! whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ano ba yan, akala ko mgging ninang na dn ako...heheheeh

btw, I was sick really.. I am really in a very bad position sister. huhuhuh but I know God is still in congtrol, that God has a reason for this.... pray for my baby's safety and so me...

kittykat said...

hay...sad naman I thought confirmed na buntis ka..yon pala confirmed na wala..well I guess its not time yet..Just try and try until you succeed dear..will pray for you as well as for Madz..

Mom of Four said...

I get lots of head and belly aches prior to my period. The cravings, I always do..hahaha..takaw ko kasi..

yobib said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kikamz said...

false alarm pala niks? akala ko naman, confirmed na na preggy ka! lol! i also feel that way sometimes before my period: nauseous, achy head, cravings, and very moody.

sweetytots said...

kala ko may 2nd baby na.. pero ganyan din ako mgaPMS.. super sungit..

Umma said...

Whoa!! bakit nawala ang comments ko dito Mare?

niko said...

may comment ka ba dito mare ko?? di ko pa nabasa.. baka nawla sa web.. what did u said ba?? :)

comment ni yobib ang dinelete ko sa taas.. kainis kasi..lagi ako inaasar hahaah. i dnt know if he knew i delete it already.. hahah

arte lng ang lahat mare ko, confirmed na maarte lang tlga ang kumare mo!! :)

miss u!

Umma said...

Its ok Mare.. I guess it was kind of a glitch lang..

After I saw the title of the entry, all I thought was.. yey!! confirmed.. but false alarm pala..

Sayang, may bago na sana akong inaanak..hahaha..

Kakatuwa si fafa Yobib, di ba I guessed made in Baguio si Yena.. di pala..game din pala si Yobib sa mga ganitong topic.. I like it hahaha.. magkakasundo kami nyan..

dhemz said...

woops..false alarm....heheheh! ako naman never experience PMsing...glad i dont kasi baka makarate ko pa asawa ko..hhehe..kinakarate nga kahit walang PMS..how much more if katulad ako sayo...heheh!

GAGAY said...

dropping by!


chubskulit said...

kala ko pa naman tisbun na uli lol..

Kisses for the beautiful princess yena!

sweetytots said...

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