Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am pregnant!??

Oh no! Oh Please don't react too fast.. That is a --- what if?! For now.
OK, I have been craving for different foods lately.. Last weekend i was craving for my favorite chocolate with almonds, and i was so happy when hubby bought me two packs.. :) Tasted one nugget and that's it. I really love to see my chocolates saved, i stared at them and eat them one piece at a time.. Yum yum.
But the cravings did not end there. I wanted the greenest mango that i urge hubby to again buy me some.. After peeling it for me this morning (I am a spoiled wife!), i brought it to my work area and looked at it for a moment.. Told myself 'I should be eating this a little later'.. but came 9am it was gone! yeah, I ate it! :) Yum yum.

My officemates were teasing me that i am pregnant. Expecting that i would confirm nor deny, i just told them that if it is so, i will thank God for another blessing and get ready - Coz it will be another long journey hohoh. Oh noh!

FYI, I am taking contraceptive but i know it is not 100% safe. So if this cravings mean Yena will have her little playmate sooner than planned - Why not?!


Mom of Four said...

There is nothing wrong with being pregnant.. But, it's probably just some cravings. But, wohoooo, it's exciting if you are..

Ako uli Ninang, wahahaha!!!

Umma said...

A baby is always a blessing from God, if it's time for you then be it... sob sob.. naunahan mo pa ako Mare.. I want a baby girl too...

Are you in regular period, how many days or weeks na ba delayed?

Good for you Mare...para isahan na lang ang pag-alaga sabi nila..

Yey!! magiging ninang na naman me hahaha..but I wish it's confirmed na para cgurado..keep us the update..

ghieGANDA said...

OMG! Really? But what do you think? Do you think it's positive? Hihi.. Keep us posted. =)

Anonymous said...

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Ria said...

Uh-oh...somebody's baking a bun in the oven...hahahaha. If ever man sis, that's great news and a good blessing. I've been married for 12 years pero di na nasundan ang princess ko and she's already 11. Naku, pagnagkataon, ate na si Yena!!!

GAGAY said...

whew! babies are blessings!heheh!


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