Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cooking happily ever after

I would definitely enjoy staying at home BUT the kitchen! I use to say that before, i do not know how to cook and i wont try until i have my own home, my own kitchen that is. Since our first day at our new mini house, i found myself kitchen-bound, by choice! Or else we would die of hunger, we don't have somebody to cook for us! :)

So for the first timer like me, i search the net every now and then for recipe's. Print all the menu i can cook home from my kumareng liz website and read every little instructions at the back of every home cook meal package from the groceries. I cannot be more happier when husband smiles at me and said how yummy my cooking was, well except for that chicken adobo which he said was quiet sour. Well, is it really me cooking?? i cannot believe myself too!

Over the weekends i cooked, pork sinigang (pork sour soup), sinabawang tahong (mussels soup), chicken adobo and fried rice. Fried every fish, chicken, hot dogs and eggs i can get. And boila! I can no longer say to my friends that i don't know how, now i can say that i am learning! And loving cooking for my little family.. :)


Enchie said...

keep it comin' Niks! and I love tahong!

Clarissa said...

good job,Niko!! keep it up!!^_^

honeybhing23 said...

wow parang napakasarap ng tahong niko! see yakang yaka mo yan..

eden said...

hmm love tahong too

Mom of Four said...

it takes time my dearest. we weren't born to be a cook. we need to learn and we need to learn from the heart. walang di magagawa kapag ginusto. oh ha..

Hazelicious929 said...

wow! good job girl! keep it up and enjoy cooking!

Cecile said...

mukhang masarap yung niluto mo ah especially yung tahong, na mi miss ko na yan eh ; hay naku ginugutom na tuloy ako eh :-) glad marunong ka na rin magluto...ako din noong dalaga di marunong magluto, noon nagka asawa na, natutuhan na rin paunti unti...yehey am proud of you dear!keep it up!

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