Friday, March 13, 2009

Novice Cook in the Making

I was so busy last night with the fixing and organizing when i received husband's text of 'what's for dinner?'. I'd like to scream at the top of my lungs a "WHAT?" Do my cooking time starts really now?? Am not yet done with the fixing!!

So without further hesitation, i managed to pull myself together and dare to try to cook rice! It may not be my first time but it seems so first to me coz i cant remember a time i cook rice and perfecting it. Since that day i burned our rice cooker i stayed away from the kitchen (for the chosen few who knows the story of that poor rice cooker of ours, please keep quiet! LOL)

Am happy that he said my rice seems so perfect! (Gosh, rice pa lang tumataas presyon ko sa nerbyos!! Kilig ako right after hearing his compliments though)

I was really nervous, i do not like to please everyone (my husband included!!) with cooking coz i really do not know how to cook. But i really wanted to learn - for my husband, i feel its such a shame that he knows how to cook while i dont! But because, it was 1030pm already and i don't have anything to cook yet ( i forgot to buy something to cook for dinner) hubby said we can eat canned goods for the moment just like we used to before in our apartment in manila. :) I guess he didnt saw the big grin in my face - i was saved for a tragedy in the kitchen! LOL

My first ever meatloaf omelet!! I woke up early this morning just so hubby can have this for breakfast.

And i have some for my breakfast at office too!! :)

Looks like a child is in charge of the kitchen with the way i write my post here. Forgive me. This is really my first encounter with my little kitchen. And i loved it!! i think i will love to cook some more! From the easiest to the hardest ones! Am ready.. Bring it on!! :)


Mom of Four said...

Bring it on ba? hehehe..HIge nga at magluto ka ng from easiest to hardest. Hinay hinay lang mare, wag apurahin ha..Napag aaralan ang lahat..

Clarissa said...

ok lang yan---ganyan talaga pag una!makakasanayan mo ring magluto kahit na pa-unti unti!

Cecile said...

you did a pretty good job considering it was your first time to cook rice after the rice cooker story, as you mentioned. paunti unti masasanay ka rin, ganyan din ako noon eh.

Chris said...

yehey! proud of you!

Tetcha said...

Practice makes perfect. You'll learn soon enough, you'll see.

Enchie said...

Mommy Tetcha's right practice lang sis. And the Omelette looks good.

honeybhing23 said...

am happy for you niko! soon you will learn all other recipes...

ganyang ganyan din ako noon pero ngaun puede ko ng ipagmalaki sa mama ko ang luto ko.hehehe

good luck!

kikamz said...

sarap tingnan ng meatloaf omelet mo Niks. gutom na tuloy ako.. makakain na nga. ako, di rin marunong magluto when i got here. kaya practice lang ako ng practice. matututo ka rin.. sa simula lang yan mukhang mahirap. now that on your own, you have no choice but to cook kundi wala kayong kakainin. so i think, that's the best way to learn. Good luck Niks! let me know pag gusto mo paturo.. i am no expert but i can offer some cooking tips.

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