Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Underwear Origami - On Video

Last night, i told hubby not to be surprised when he saw his brief on our blog. Told him i'll bring it to the office and do the video on underwear origami on break period. And just as promise here is the video, hope you find it educating rather than titilating! LOL :)

So to start, place the underwear like this. Note the name in front, coz it has to show when you're done folding! wink.
It has to look like this! :)
Now for the video, thank you for my officemates who find time to hold my camera phone while i do the folding! :)

Happy underwear folding everyone!! :)


yobib said...

My wife is out of her mind. I didn't expect that she is really serious in bringing my brief in her office and taking the video with her officemates. Kalalaba ko lang nun..adik talaga sya..!pasensya na po..!

honeybhing23 said...

Hehehehe natuwa nman ako dito...tlga nmang dinala ni niko sa office ha! di ko carry un...

neway thanks for sharing this niko dear:)

Mom of Four said...

Pareng Yobib, at least dinala nya ang bagong laba, eh pano kung yung kakahubad lang, ahahahaha!

MyJoyz said...

hi! your blog is very interesting :)
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Clarissa said...

hahahaa!!Thanks for sharing with us your Yobib's brief!!Ehe!!the video pala!!

Elizabeth said...

nakakatuwa to niko!!! si yobib pa una nagcomment! sobrang natuwa ako!!! pinakita ko nga sa husband ko e, bka pinagalitan ako nito kung ginwa ko to sa kanya!!! hahahah!!!

ang ganda ng pagfold! ibang way ang pagfold ko e pero mas maganda to, try ko nga to! thanks niko!!!

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