Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lucky Me, I got You!

Dearest husband,

Hi Baby! I hope i made u smile with my little surprise this morning. I was contemplating on surprising you when the clock ticks at 12am today but my weary eyes cannot hold it anymore, i fell asleep and woke up at 2am. I was thinking if i should greet you by then or wait until you wake up this morning. But i cannot hold myself so with a kiss i whisper to you 'Happy Birthday Baby!" you smiled and dozed off again.

You told me you never experienced blowing a cake on your birthdays so i made an improvised cake just for you. You taught me to be frugal so for your birthday am proud to say that it did not costs that much :) I made your cake with a lavender candle.. and your pancit from Lucky Me!

I just want to tell you baby that for everything that we shared, for all the good times and not so good times you are my ultimate constant source of joy. I would not be happier if i didn't choose to be with you. Being with you is the happiest days of my existence..

Am so moody and i need some anger management class but you always show me you love me even at my worst. If there is one thing i'd ask for your birthday is that; please bear with me more.. I know that you know you have the craziest wife in the whole wide world, just the same i know you love me no less. And i love you more!!

Happy Happy Birthday, Love of my Life!


yobib said...

This is so sweet.. I appreciated it very much..kakatuwa ang pix ni boyeng..how i wish na she will be much sweeter when she grows up..

yobib said...

Actually I'm not expecting this, I'm expecting more..hehehe..astig..so sweet..sana wag naman masyadong sweet..itama lang or offset na lang sa mga toyo days mo para sakto lang ..heheh..
Khit hindi mahal or magastos..little things will be a great one if done with LOVE..thanks my lovely wifey..

Clarissa said...

tweet, tweet!!ang sweetttahhh!!!pina-kilig nyo naman ang lola nyo dito!!\(^0^)/

Happy Birthday,Yobib!!

Cecile said...

ops, what happened with my message here, nawala ah; anyway, wow, you added a cake at pancit canton pa, what a sweet gesture of love, Niko :-)...

Happy Birthday, again for the third time :-), Yobib!

Beng said...

wow..sweet naman! happy birthday!!!

fedhz said...

ako rin moody.. sige tipid lang tama yan. it's the thought that counts. hehe! happy birthday po!

Dhemz said...

how sweet of you ganda...what a lovely letter....hehehe!

woi cute naman ng handa mo...instant...hehehe...with love..anxious ka ata kanina..kaya kulang ka sa tulog....hehehehe...joke!

ako din Mommy Niks...I need rehab....hehehe...sama mo din ako sa anger management class mo...hehhehe!

Umma said...

Aray!! kinakagat na ako ng mga langgams dito.... kasi super sweet talaga ang dating..

Fafa Y is indeed very lucky to have a wife like you mare.. you are so sweet though kahit me toyo minsan hahaha.. joke.

O fafa Y.. blow your lavender candle na...wish ka din ha?

honeybhing23 said...

wow sweet nman...happy birthday yobib:)

ghieGANDA said...

hahaha!! tama ka jan mommy umma! nilalanggam din ako! hahah.. love is in the air dito!! gravacious!!

pero kahit malapit na matapos bday mo, hahabol pa din ako! heheh.. happy bday to u yobib! wow! how young r u na? hehe.. tama un! habaan mo pa ang pasensya mo kay mommy niks! dahil toyoin din ako, naiintindihan ko sya! hahahahaha..

happy bday once again. =)

Mom of Four said...

ay ang sweet, kita ko mga langgam..! Happy Belated Birthday Yobib...

Madz said...

oohhhh sweet nman ng mare ko... at swerte ni hubby mo ah! I salute you mare for being such a wonderful mommy, wife and a friend too...:)

Tagay pa dyn oh...hahhhahh... sabi ni Yobib, he didn't expect those preparations you've made, but instead he expected more than that! ummmm would be it another YENA or YENO to come? hahhhhhaahahahha

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!! hahhhahah

Anonymous said...

wow sweet nman ni mommy happy bday kay daddy more years to come and blessing

Enchie said...

Happy birthday to your husband. That is the sweetest thing ever Niks! Keep it up!

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