Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Night of Husband's Birthday

As much as i wanted to post my pole dancing on husband's big night i cant coz there is no such thing, am so sorry Mareng Umma. I told hubby if he wants to see me dancing and he told me not to, he might throw up he told me, grrr to that husband or mine haha. So for a wholesome shot of husband's big night here are the photos.. :)

That was 10pm and Yena should be sleeping. We were teasing the crying baby, she hates picture taking at that time of night when she should be sleeping already! hahah

Look at her sleepy eyes! Hahah.
I think that was not a smile from Yena. She looks so irritated already! Hahah

Oh well that was the simple celebration of Husband's birthday. Family bonding and fun! happiness! :)


simply kim said...

Wow, that is a great celebration. Happy Belated birthday to your hubby.

Cecile said...

Indeed happiness to spend bday celebration with the one you love :-)!

take care and sleep tight!

turisuna said...

You are so lucky resounding by people you love and love you as well, God bless you all :)

Umma said...

Indeed happiness cannot be compare to any material had so much fun all together and that's all it matters.

Waaah.. I was expecting a pole dance but I guess you just kept it private. hahaha..sayang.

Anyway, Yena seemed to be forcing herself to take pictures.. hahaha poor little girl.. she must be soo sleepy that time.

Clarissa said...

sayang naman yung pole dance--gusto ko pa naman makakita nun!^_^
Ang saya ng birthday celebration nyo!!\(^0^)/

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