Monday, May 11, 2009

I will get you soon!!

As i have been enumerating my wish list on my other blog i am so happy to say that husband gave me one of them last sunday as his mother's day gift. I have to make it clear to myself that this are all wishes- my wants and not a NEED. So for the future times that i would be acquiring them, i know it has to wait for the proper timing.. I know i will be saving for more important things so these things have to be at the end of my list...

For my wish list, i have to mark a big check on my washing machine! Yeheey. For the next in my list are digital camera, twilight saga book and LCD TV for husband. Now i have to work on this remaining things.

Mareng Liz told me about this Kodak C913 which she has been using and upon seeing it, i know i have to save a portion from my blog's blessings for this. I love the lavender but if there has no stock i can settle with the pink one. :) I have to save $133 in order to have it plus the memory card and rechargeble batteries. I have to work on my 'blessings' double time now! Wish me luck! :)


Enchie said...

sooner or later magugulat ka na lang na meron na :)good luck! hope you'll get all your wishes!

Mom of Four said...

Wow! may Lavender color pala, di ko napansin, kala ko eh pink at blue lang...Anyways, lavender is your fave color nga pala, sa akin kasi pink na lang kesa blue, hahaha! yun lang ang stock nila sa store when I bought mine.

Just keep hoping, malay mo mabili mo yan agad, oh ha!

joeann said...

wow,that great.hope you'll get the other things on your checklist.goodluck=)

Hazelicious929 said...

hello Niks! nice naman ng washing machine, at last! hindi ka na magkuskos hehehe

Babette said...

A washing machine is definitely a big help! You can blog while waiting for the wash to get done. :o)

S-H-Y said...

I wish you luck girl, and hope that you get all your wishes..

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