Monday, May 18, 2009

Look who's flying?!

My little daughter with my husband after the mass yesterday.. They can't wait to go outside the church to show their playful side.. See how my daughter smiled and enjoyed herself..
She just loves to play with her daddy.. And it is hard for me to carry her that way, she is becoming heavier all the more each day..


Cecile said...

hahaha, si jacob din ang bigat na; kahapon nasa church din kami, eh time kumanta ng nkatayo, nagpabuhat sa akin...hay ang bigat kaya ipinasa ko siya kay Daddy niya :-).

moongoddesslae said...

ang sweet ng mag-ama huh!!

Clarissa said...

wow!daddy and daughter bonding!!

S-H-Y said...

Hello thanks for the comment, anyway friends naba tau?? maybe hindi pa nako exchange links kaagad hehehe..anyway ask lng ako may special ka bang gnawa kaya bumalik ung pr mo?? ilang months bago bumalik pr mo??

katherine said...

wow, super bonding talaga...ang tuwa ng baby dahil nilaro sya ni daddy nya at photographer naman si momooy nya...

amiable amy said...

hay nako Father and daughter tandem...saya nila tingnan...Yena must be so lucky to have you as her parents...sana lahat ng kids ganyan noh? happy lagi and love ng mama and papa nila
blog hopping here girl....added your three blogs na ha....added in my 3 blogs din

turisuna said...

lovely daddy and daughter, I didn't close to my dad because he always went out of town since I was child, even I remember I will cry if he tried to hold me :(

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