Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yena's Night Bonding with Cousins

Last night wasn't different to any other nights when Yena would prefer to watch Barney than sleep, to think that it was already 930pm! So while waiting for husband to arrive, i let her watch her favorite Barney CD. Minutes later, i can hear her two cousins knocking at our door and would like to have some late night play time aka bonding time. So when i let them in, this pretty sight gives me time to capture them!

From Left: Eya, my Yena and Yael. The two kids are my sister's children.

Their eyes were glued at the monitor, as if there's no tomorrow.

And when it's time to dance, they would stand up and dance. I can't stop smiling how my little Yena knows every step of the song 'green grass grows all around', i will capture her video soon. :)

Look how they vary on their watching style! :) Hahah


Chris said...

ang cute naman nila!! :D

Mom of Four said...

yung isang pamangkin mo parang si roan, ipinapasok ang buong katawan sa tshirt..

iba talaga kapag lumalaki ang magpipinsan na magkakasama, may bonding talaga. mga anak ko, di nila kilala mga cousins nila, dito naman ang lalayo...

fedhz said...

Cute! di pa nagkikita mga anak ng ate ko and si Yz. huhu. nasa bulacan kase sila eh. ano ung green grass song? sana makuhaan mo na hehe.

Anonymous said...

cute nman nila tingnan 3 he he

amiable amy said...

hala, natawa ako ni Eya, kasi pag umupo ako, hanggang ngayon hahaha....ganyan hahaha...i tuck in my knees like that...

pag nanjan ako, nakaupo ako kasama ng tsikiting for sure hahaha

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