Thursday, June 18, 2009

he loves me that much!

for every night upon arriving home at 10pm, husband would cook our dinner while am playing with yena. so after our dinner means my time to clean the dishes while he puts yena to sleep.

last night, as i was not feeling so well i lie down with yena right after dinner to put her to sleep. i told husband i don't feel well and that my monthly period and UTI were attacking me. my tummy again felt so painful.

around 4am i woke up with yena beside me, i forgot what happened before i fell to sleep. little did i realized everything has been worked on by my husband while am resting already. my house chores last night were all done by hubby. i know he is so tired from work like me but i really am grateful that he is the caring husband that he is.

and he prepared our breakfast this morning just before going to work. i know, am spoiled. i know he loves me that much to pamper me when sick or not sick. and am thankful. very thankful. ;)


yobib said...

Last night seems to be the recurence of mother's day 'coz I'm once again OIC of the house. 3 days left for me to experience a rest day because it will be a fathers day. I'm so excited what will you do or give to me..!

iceah said...

sweet naman c: ganyan din si hubby ko kung i'm not feeling well din c: salamat sa mga tatay Happy father's Day to them c:

done with the tag pla c: thanx c:

Dana Telco said...

You are very lucky wife. :)

Enchie said...

Thumbs up for you two! you definitely showed what marriage is all about...and Niks stay healthy. Advance Father's Day to your husband.

Clarissa said...

Awww!!That's so sweet!!talaga naman pag nandito ako sa page mo eh palaging kinikilig ang lola mo!!^_^

Chris said...

so sweet!

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