Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lovers at Makati Shangrila Part 2

So here's another batch of pictures from our Shangrila experience.. Husband and i were joking on how expensive and 'amoy mayaman' the smell of the hotel was. But it's really true.. The place doesn't smell like lemon air freshener it was just plain amoy mayaman!
We got the chance to get hold and pose in front of our ninang's new toy her toshiba laptop, a gift from the generous ninong!
Ninang can't seem to stop taking us pictures, actually i have lots of solo pictures.. she looks at me like am her model for a day at shang! LOL

Warning: There are still a bunch of pictures coming SOON..


Cecile said...

very nice pix dear :-); very nice ninong and ninag, too!

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

this looks so much fun! :D

Cacai M. said...

Am looking forward of the warning you said Nikz.. seems so much fun in there.. I have been into Makati with my hubby many times and stay there for two weeks every vacation and have fun at the malls, maybe next time we will stay there. Again, am looking forward of the pictures! hugs!

Lulu said...

ano ba ang scent ng amoy mayaman... pag ipunan ko nga yan para makabili... hehe

Umma {^o^} said...

Hmmm... Im glad you were able to savor that place Mare..even for a short period of time.

That's why hotels are charging too much bec you are paying indeed in exchange for luxury and comfort.

Yet, for me there's no such place like home. Im excited to see more pictures soon.. update us very soon mwah, mwah.

Clarissa said...

Amoy mayaman??Di pa ako nakaka-amoy nyan!!Paamoy nga!!\(^0~)/

nuts said...

you both look good and perfect together.. I can't exactly imagine the smell of "amoy mayaman." nice photographs!

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