Friday, July 03, 2009

What do you call your dad?

Last night, my daughter called her daddy: BOY!

My nieces and nephews call me mommy while they call my husband Tito Boy (short for Tito Biboy). So last night when we fetched Yena at my parent's house, my niece Eya shouted TITO BOY! and then came running after her was Yena who surprisingly called his daddy.. BOY!

I can't stop laughing.

I don't know how my husband felt but if i were him, i will be bothered LOL. My daughter calls me Mom mey sometimes.. and it feels good. She sometimes calls her daddy Pap pap and it's nice to hear too! :) I know pretty soon she will master calling us so i know i just have to wait.



That is so cute.she was just probably imitating her cousins. my daughter calls her dad daddi, dada and calls me mama. my stepdaughter calls me menie (melody) and my 20 month old daughter hears her big sister calls me that and tried to call me that as well. it bothered me a whole lot,lol..but i know she knows that im her mama and my stepdaughter does call me mama to but i dont push it on her since she also calls her mom mama and mommy..

yobib said...

Ok lang naman na tawagin nya ako ng ganun kasi hindi pa sya naman talga aware eh..she is just teasing me..lagot sa akin ang batang yan mamaya..kikilitiin ko sya ng excited to play with her..

Hazelicious929 said...

hahaha nakakatuwa... eh di naging mukhang utusan ang daddy ni Yena hahaha dada nalang kaya?

schizoshrink said...

haha ang cute!

kikamz said...

LOL! kakatuwa naman si yena to call yobib BOY! ang cute mo talaga yeng! pa pisil ng cheeks!!!

Beng said...

normal yan sa bata..kaya kami we are encouraged by our pedia to call each other daddy/mommy or papa/mama. then kuya nikko na when makoy was born.

Umma {^o^} said...

I guess its normal at that age mare bec toddlers at that stage are just like sponge who absorb everything they hear and see.

Just like my little whiner who babbles a lot too, sometimes he calls me Umma.. next time he calls me Hal Mu Nah (Grandma in Korean) hahaha..

Its so funny and we enjoy having a kid around.. it really changed our life.. for the better.

Clarissa said...

Ganyan talaga ang mga bata,di pa kasi sila aware sa sinasabi nila eh.Kadalasan gaya-gaya.

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