Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sending you my love!

I should be used to it.

Monthly, for three days and two nights you will not be beside me. I know i should get used to it.

Funny how i missed you right after kissing you goodbye, watching you off to the airport is something I will not get used to. It’s hard to see you go even for a short period of time. I missed you now and I find my comfort in listening to my song to you when we were just starting out – Ikaw lang ang aking mahal. I don’t know if this day is supposed to be a weeping day but I am actually crying right now. I know you will laugh at me, laugh your heart out! I love you this much and I am missing you already.

Am sending you ALL my love, have a safe trip my dear husband!

I will miss you. Yena and I cannot wait thursday night!

Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal - VST & Company


Cecile said...

sounds like Yobib is out of town again, dear.

sige lang, okay paminsan minsan ma miss nyo siya :-).

Beng said...

wahhh..kainggit naman sa kasweetan!

Cacai M. said...

heheh.. sweetie Nikz.. am sure he will laugh but deep inside he will be touched with this message of yours. And it's good to be this way--to express what we feel. Am also like you, I will show to my hubby whatever my emotion is. heheh.. coincidence or a thoughtful wifey thing? I guess the latter. appear Nikz! muahhh!

kittykat said...

Wow sweet naman ng sis ko..I am sure he misses you badly as well..he is just too shy to say it..hope to get to meet him though..we were suppose to meet yesterday but I think he had too many things to do..Hopefully today..hehehe..btw dont worry Thrusday na bukas sis..uwi na siya..and back into your arms again...waaahhh..nilalanggam ata itong blog na ito oh...LOL..

amiable amy said...

Oyy, went to DVO na naman ulit si hubby mo pala, i know how it feels girl. Babalik naman yun eh...okay lang yan girl, tawagan mo nalang para you will hear his voice. Kelan ba sya uwi?

S-H-Y said...

WOW ang sweet mo nmn, hhhmmm.. I still don´t know how does it feel what you feel now because d pa ako umuwi ng pinas hehehe...

Clarissa said...

ngek!!wala pala si Yobib??!!punta ka rito,maraming bata -- di lang mawawala ang lungkot mo,mapapagod ka pa lol!!deal?!!^_^

chubskulit said...

bakit mare asan si yobib?

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