Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sealed with a Kiss!

Husband and I love to talk. We have our own quiet time but we always find each other chit chatting about everything under the sun. What makes me more excited about our every conversation is what comes after it. The kiss. We sealed our talk with a smack. After all piece is said before going to bed at night, we sealed it with a kiss.

Just this morning, when i was acting up that i cannot walk anymore because of hunger i told husband to bring me to jollibee. I have been craving for their breakfast steak :) If you know how thrifty my husband is, eating out on an ordinary day is a Big NO NO! But for every requests i know he would always give in, he loves me that much! :)

Talking about politics and showbiz are my forte, while him sports. What pulled me to ending our endless tete-a-tete this morning is the kiss! I get back to work with a full stomach and a wide smile on my face. It was a lovely breakfast, sealed with a kiss!

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pehpot said...

aru ang sweet!
syempre mare sa kiss pa lang busog ka na.. so un ba ang dessert?

Make or Break

S-H-Y said...

How sweet nmn :P..

Mom of Four said...

ala ey ka sweet naman. I like the breakfast ek ek mo, arte..hahaha! the sealed with a kiss is always great.keep it going, lovers always need that to maintain the love and keep the fire up and running..hahaha!

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