Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend means Jogging!

It was a bet i thought i would win! Husband has been bugging me to join him to jog last weekend. I nod and thought it would be another plan to be over and done. Husband and I love sleeping late during weekends by the way.. So i was laughing to myself, we might be jogging buddies in my sleep! hahaha

But when my sister, who lives beside us, called us up at 5am i know we have to wake up and brought to bear the plan. Weeeeh! We jogged and walked until 7am :)

But since then i felt am sick. I have sore body until now :) But husband and i promised to do it every weekends! Exercise is good for one's health?! Ayt?!

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Rossel said...

it's good for the heart too.

Enchie said...

thats great you guys! every sunday naman kami nag brisk walking and jogging sa QC Circle pero nag stop na kami ng husband ko.binigyan niyo ako ng will power to continue it :)

Mom of Four said...

you would have to do it at least 3 x a week, para ang body nyo eh ma used sa jogging. otherwise, laging sasakit ang inyong mga buto buto..sore muscles ain't good. take aleve, alaxan, kung meron dyan..

Good job though, I had been wanting to do that. I have all kinds of exercise things here, but oh well...hehehehe, tinatamad eh.

kikamz said...

agree anik! that is good for your health. i need it more too. hmm... kami kaya ni hubby, kelan mag-umpisa? sana kapitbahay tau para iwan namin si sam sa mga inyo. para tabi cla ni boyeng matulog habang jogging tayo. hehe!

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