Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fireproof your marriage

I have learned about the movie FIREPROOF from Tuesday Couch Potato meme authored by my blogger friend kikamz. I forgot who among the blogger listed Fireproof (if that blogger happens to be you please tell me so I can link you up here, thank you!) I already have long list of movies to watch, my must watch list is with me every time I go. I am planning to watch them all! Thanks TCP!

Back to Fireproof ;) There are some quotes that I love to share here that I got from the movie;

A woman is like a rose, treat her right and she will bloom.

Never leave your partner behind, especially in a fire!
Marriage is not only a contract, it is a covenant.
Husband and I had a good laugh as we see ourselves on some of the scene of the movie. I had a hard time pulling back my tears, I don’t like my sarcastic husband to see me crying over movies. He will tease me forever for doing that! But I felt a lump in my throat at the ending of the movie.. The actors and every word in the movie are remarkable. I love how they put all the teachings of God especially regarding marriage into the film.

I recommend this movie to all couples out there not only to those whose marriage are on the rocks but also to those who are head over heels in love. This is one of my favorite film of all time!


Clarissa said...

Looks like another movie to check is added to my list!!^_^

Mom of Four said...

Hmm..I have not seen this movie yet..I will try to see it one day.

kikamz said...

cge nga.. panoorin ko na rin ito. na intriga ako lalo sa review mo. hugs!

Bruce Ziebarth said...

Anyone who wants a better relationship should watch this movie. This movie is awesome. You might also want to check out my review of the Fireproof Movie.

Bruce Carl said...

Here is another great Fireproof Movie Review that I found.

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