Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Couch Potato: Little Mermaid

For this tuesday's theme of TCP as Disney's Fairy Tale theme i decided to write about The Little Mermaid. I would like to write about BOLT but it's not a fairy tale (LOL) but i love the movie, while The Lion King, one of my all time fave, was the choice of my OC dear kumareng Pehpot, Cinderella was my first choice but my kumareng seiko got it already plus the Beauty and the Best as my second choice was posted already by the TCP author kikamz. So now, i have to share my love for the little mermaid, ariel.

The Little Mermaid has it's local version in Dyesebel and a comedic rival Marinara. By heart you already know the story of The Little Mermaid, Ariel who has a very angelic voice, her life under the see and her dream of seeing the world above the ocean. Of course, it is one of those films who tell a story of a quests for TRUE LOVE. There are bumps along the road like the sorcerer Ursula and there are friends who helped her on her way to her Prince heart...

'And they live happily ever after' are the words i like most to read on every disney films ending! How about you? :) Join us every tuesday at TCP. It's always fun! :)


nuts said...

this is actually my daughter's choice, but i love most beauty and the beast.

Chris said...

the little mermaid is my favorite! :D its my post too

kittykat said...

excited for Thursday sis..the launching of you very first Meme..count me in okay..

chubskulit said...

Love this mare..
Here's my fairy tale

Seiko said...

When it comes to Disney movie,hindi yata talaga pahuhuli.We love this movie too!Sorry mare ha naunahan kita,buti na lang nauna si Cinderella lol

Lalaine said...

love this too!! horay for little mermaid..:)

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Lulu Post said...

pareho tayo ng entry

kikamz said...

hahaha! nakakatuwa! you had to make choices pa before making a post for this week. sa dami naman kasi ng disney fairytale movies, halos lahat sila favorite natin! hehehe! marami ka rin kapareha ng entry anik. hihihi!

thanks for joining this week ha. next week naman, robot/cyborg movie tayo. hugs!

p.s. sa wakas naka-comment din ako. pero di pa rin ayos ang desktop pc ko. huhu!

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