Friday, September 18, 2009

For better or for worst

In sickness and in health..

Til death do us part.

Even unmarried people memorize that! But when said on your wedding day in front of all in attendance and most of all God as witnesses, do we really mean those words?

I mean, my husband isn’t perfect and neither do i. I throw fits then and there, he would forgive me, sometimes say sorry even when I was the one at fault. Being a good wife is what I dream every now and then but can I be a good wife when tending our very own kitchen I fail? Alright, that’s shallow.

You love your husband on your glory days together, but when he shows his temper, ridicule you in public and brought you humiliation, do you still love him? I might call it my worst this morning but I know he would not do that if I only understood. That was just a petty misunderstanding but the scar it left my heart will take time to heal..

But loving him in spite and despite of all that transpired this morning is the WORST I am referring to on “for better or for worst” piece. So if i would not be following that piece and leave because of that "worst" am referring too, i only choose a life that is "for better" it would have been the best choice but is it really the best?

Am always glad i watched, FIREPROOF. I would never choose to leave. I would never leave my partner behind, especially in a fire!

Even if there are no more 'for better" and what life only offers is 'worst'.

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yobib said...

There are always choices. You may choose to speak your mind for him to understand and not to act like that. It's all laughing then suddenly make a frown face..what's the reason.?"Wala!" I will not act that way without a reason!Too much sweetness is not also good!

Mom of Four said...

Ridicule in public, yell at me in front of my family, argue in front of others...That's a no no in our relationship, we talked about that up front.

Mare, just a piece of advise, speak up, tell him what's wrong. tell him what's on your mind, if he doesn't know, he won't correct whatever mistake he made. Being a good wife is hard, we make mistakes, we're only humans. Don't do things to impress your husband, do it for yourself,so you feel better. If he did something you didn't like, let him know. When he asked a question, don't say "Wala" coz there's always something. And don't think that you don't have a choice. We always have a choice, you ain't stuck, you can always walk away, but, honestly speaking, you are just starting your married life, long way to go Mare..long way to go..

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