Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank you Lord!

This week has been the hardest week for me, speaking about my blog life. I dread most for this THURSDAY. As the day draws nearer, my sleeping hours at night became shorter. I think too much i guess.

My girls rule blog has its first big step to GIRLS TALK meme which will be every thursday, so i have been very very nervous if bloggers will be supporting this girly thing.. And am soooo glad that today, thursday, has been the best thursday of all. Thanks for the girly bloggers who are joining :)

Plus, My $3 for Daniel Project is getting lots of support from bloggers from all parts of the world. My paypal account was flooded this morning with so much donations. One proof that there are still a lot of good people with generous hearts at this very trying times.

I can't say thank you enough today.. for all the support that has been pouring in. God is really good! Thank you Lord!

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Clarissa said...

God bless and more power to you and your sites,Niko!!^_^

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