Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parent Trap

One of my favorite movie of all time is The Parent Trap. I watched this movie when i was in high school and the memory of this awesome film didn't leave me since then. I love how Lindsay Lohan played the part of a twin, she is really cute. This movie is my share on this tuesday's theme of For the Entire Family movie :)

For a synopsis:
Hallie Parker and Annie James look exactly alike. What was it like being a twin without you knowing it? That's what the story goes for these girls. Hallie is a cool, laid-back gal from California. Annie James is a proper gal from London. Annie has never met her father, and Hallie has never met her mother. When they get thrown into the Isolation Cabin on their summer camping, they uncover the mystery behind the ripped picture. They realize that they are twin sisters separated at birth by their divorced parents, and they decide to switch places to meet the parent that they've never met. They also decide to get them back together. But then something awful happens that will wreck everything: their father is engaged to a beautiful, selfish witch who's only after their dad's money.


Chris said...

loved this one!

kikamz said...

i loved this one too! lindsay lohan was still very cute and young in here. i loved her freckles.. it was so charming! hehehe!

thanks for joining this week anik. next week, we will feature a Fantasy Adventure. happy TCP!

sam still has colds.. her fever is gone though. pareho na kami ngayon. nahawa ako sa kanya. =(

Lulu Post said...

one of my favorites... until now i still laugh at it when I watched it... good thing hubby bought a dvd for me so napapanood ko sya anytime...

please visit my entry at my main blog... My entry is The Secret Garden

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