Monday, October 19, 2009

Market! Market!

I made a wish the first time i step foot at Market! Market! LOL. The place is very famous for celebrities, so it's a must for us to go there after the blessing of husband's new office at The Fort.

The child in me enjoyed these cute animals whose bodies are surrounded with grass while their heads are bronze-like :)
As soon as she realized that this animals look scary, Yena cried. And then came daddy to rescue :)
We had a fun time inside the mall, window shopping and all while Yena had so much fun riding the escalators. :)


kittykat said...

naku..bat naman nasira mukha niya sa last photo??may sumpong na??napagod na cguro..

Clarissa said...

wawa naman si Yena-natakot sa animal-look plant!Cute pa rin kahit na little bit scary cya^_^

Diva Fabulosa said...

Ohhh wawa namn. I liked it there too nung nagpunta kami jan once:)

Seiko said...

Kawawa naman si Yena natakot talaga but Daddy is so sweet rescuing Yena in frights.

kikamz said...

i have heard about market! market! from kris aquino. feeling close! LOL! and maganda nga. kaso ayaw ni hubby mamasyal kami ng manila so i doubt kung mkapunta ako jan. :D

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