Saturday, October 17, 2009

Off to Palawan!

My husband, daughter, my godmother and ghie’s siblings will be heading to Palawan this morning for our three days vacation. This trip was planned since May and I couldn’t believe that I am writing this now, is it October 17 already? LOLThis trip is supposed to be for husband and I’s second wedding anniversary. BUT since it is a week before our actual wedding date, I am thinking of our ‘solo’ celebration somewhere in Tagaytay. If we can leave our daughter for one night, if not it will be another family affair I am looking forward to. ;)

Anyways, I should be going. This is supposed to be a rest from all that is giving me stress (work and blogging, LOL) but I will be bringing my laptop just in case I find time to drop EC and adgitize.

Please help us pray for a nice weather! :) Thank you so much for dropping by. Have a great weekend!

And yes, my 5 blogs has the same entry for today. And your guess is right, this is a scheduled post! :)


honeybhing23 said...

have fun mushroom family...

Naomi said...

Palawan is such a romantic place... I do hope you and your hubby could sneak out some time for yourselves and enjoy the scenery.

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