Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Mushroom Family at Coron

I know i will be a broken record already when i say that Coron is the best place to spend that most needed rest and recreation but that is really the truth! I have been to Boracay before but the memories of Palawan is incomparable! :) Ihhh maybe because i have my family with me..

I can't stop looking at our more than one thousand pictures. This picture below is one of my favorite. Katrina did something really good here aside from organizing our little getaway! :) Isn't it? (Note: that dog isn't ours. i don't know if he/she lives at atyangan beach but that's where we saw him/her)
As early as now, my friend Katrina is again planning our next vacay next year! We are eyeing Camarines Sur or Camiguin.. Hmmmm i guess i need to start saving my blogging


K said...

bat dun sa huling picture di maganda mood ni yena ata? hihi. nisiksik nyo daw kasi sya :P

chubskulit said...

Wowowow sexy mo mare hehehe... I love the first pic, parang kafamily nyo yung dog, nang hihingi pa ng kiss oh hahahah.

Wahhhh mare pwede po patanggal ng WV plssssss, lagi akong mali.. engot kasi ako eh heheheh..

S-H-Y said...

Mukhang ng enjoy ang family mo ah :P..

Mom of Four said...

Sama ako, wahhhh! Ang daya.,.silang tatlo lang, hehehe...

kikamz said...

love the shots anik! naku, pag kasama mo family mo sa photos, you will have a hard time choosing the best! i love the first photo with the dog and the one when all of you are dipping in the water. palawan na palawan talaga! at makulay na makulay kayong tatlo ha! sama ako next time!!!

Clarissa said...

I love the photos,Niko!!Coron is a paradise indeed!!Very inviting ang beauty ng resort!!^_^

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