Friday, October 30, 2009

Patek Fake Watches and their Rough Features

The presence of the original and Sky Moon copy watches is very real in so many online and physical shops. But, this presence is being challenged today by the reality of the Celestial copy watches which also co-exist with them both online and else where in the world.

Patek fake watches are indeed available today and they are posing a great challenge to the entire world of the original and replica Patek watches of old. There are so many ways to use in detecting the Patek fake watches from the replicas. One way is by getting to know the rough features of these fake brands.

Here are some of the rough features of Patek Fake watches:
  • Patek fake watches have very glaring rough edges in their various appearances. Sometimes many of them are very shapeless when you critically observe them well.
  • Patek Fake watches have poorly designed bracelets which are mainly coated with particles of stainless steel. The bracelets are in no way stainless as they do wear off after some months of purchase.
  • Facially, the glasses of Patek Fake watches are made from poor quality plastic materials which look like pure mineral crystal glass used in the production of the originals and the replicas. The plastic glass used in the production of the Patek Fake watches normally allow and enjoy all manner of scratches. This makes the watches to look very old after few months of purchase.
  • Patek fake watches are also known for their lack of longevity which is a basic characteristic of good watches. Such fakes watches normally get spoilt after few months of purchase.
  • In all, Patek fake watches are also very cheap and very much available on line. Many have fallen victims of their usage.


philly5113 said...

Good information. Bootlegging and other pirating activities, fake goods, so undermine the business of creativity and entrepreneurship and hard work of the designers or producers.
Unfortunately the state of the economy and human nature to have and to equalize their lot keeps this a booming industry. The ones who reproduce these items without licenses for the 'other' markets exploits.
This is a tough one to control or answer.

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