Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We’re in love!

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The atmosphere after our ‘friendly’ date at chowking had change between us. No more endless teasing from Yobib, all has changed for the better. He cares for me like a very ardent suitor.

I always look forward to weekends, for our table tennis bonding time. I am always excited to see my emails, half of them came from him. I love chatting with him all day long.. Everything looks so brand new. We would go out on weekends for a movie date.. Stroll at baywalk.. Roam Tagaytay.. Talk endlessly every time all the time..

The conflict began when my parents knew about our relationship. As I was engaged to be married to my then BF, they look at Yobib as a villain. Like a child, they don’t want me to go out, scared that I might go with Yobib and see him somewhere else. Suffocated, I runaway. They just didn’t understand that my love for Yobib has gone a very long way than my love for the man I am supposed to get married to. With Yobib, I feel loved, adored and cared for all the time.

The MUSHROOM by the way, started from the moment we were in love. We were like mushrooms sprouting in the shade, afraid to show our love in public.. But then love really conquers all! Now our love is like mushrooms sprouting everywhere.. LOL

How about you? Care to share your love story? Join us at Couples Corner hosted by my Mareng Liz. See you!

Today, 28th of October, marks our 39th month as lovers! Happy Monthsary to the man who always makes me happy, sad, mad and insane! For better and for worst baby! The best is still yet to come! I LOVE YOU!


sweet_shelo said...

wow, love your love story sis.. It was full of challenges i bet.. Love really finds a way and it conquers all..

Clarissa said...

Yap,I can relate to that---pag pilit kayong pinaglalayo,mas lalo namang kayong pinaglalapit ng kalooban nyo.Nakuu!!Di ko akalain na ang napapanood ko sa drama sa TV eh meron ding sa true to life and I guess mahigit pa sa drama ang lovestory nyo ni Yobib.

Niko dear,nabasa mo na ba yung entry ko sa CC last week?

Chris said...

its always nice to read love stories! :D

Mom of Four said...

Mare Ko, basta puso ang nag utos, walang sisinuhin, kesehodang mag elope with someone you love di ba? Marriage is useless and painful kung di mo totoong mahal ang partner mo, it will end up in chaos. You did the right thing with Yobib. Dahil mahal mo siya, you fought for both of you, and see what it led to..Yena baby..And you are truly happy. Way to go Girl!

frizzy_rein said...

ate niko.. kabuteng-kabute ang dating ng love story nio haha.. love it! talagang love conquers all..

check mine at

Kero said...

so that's the story of mushroom lovers huh? i was beginning to think you enjoy the food because i to am a huge fan! :)

mala Romeo and Juliet ang iyong story! i could imagine repressing all those feelings hihihi. e really enjoyed your romance story. i can't wait for more.

hope you can visit my entry also here

Anonymous said...

that is so sweet! ala telenovela...

Mine is up too!

David said...

kakatawa at kakatuwa ng love story nyo

teJan said...

na..perting in-lova.. hehe as in all day long! nice story dear:)

Hapy CC!!!

anne said...

hehehe ang pag ibig nga talaga hahamakin ang lahat masunod ka lamang totoo pala un kala ko sa movie ko lang mapapanood to or sa mga lovestories hehehe

Chie Wilks said...

Wow, now i know the story of this "Lover Mushroom". I was about to ask why lover mushroom. Talagang love conquers all, makakalimot at makakagawa tau ng mali sa mata ng ibang tau pg nagmahal..di alam ng mga tao na sa mata at puso ntin, ginagawa natin ang tama... you have a interesting love story, png teleserye

momgen said...

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You can also read others love story in there. TC

Robert said...

naks!kahit pala amy asawa na ako eh kinikilig pa din gaya sa love story nyo!u did the right decision tignan mo naman biniyayaan ka nang napakagandang anak! :))

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