Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I can watch Twilight movie over and over again. I have a movie clip saved at my laptop nancy and whenever i feel down, it's just a click away to be up and high again with Edward. The sequel will be released soon, in time for my birthday so it's a movie date saved with husband already! I can't wait to see Edward and Bella on the big screen again. :)
This movie is my share on Kikamz, Tuesday Couch Potatoes theme of supernatural movies. :) Join us and share your fave supernatural movie, click the badge and post it away! See you..


kikamz said...

i love this movie too anik. one of those vampires movies na di gory and violent. it is more of a vampire love story kasi. hehe!

thanks for joining this week. next week, magical movies tayo ha. till then, hugs and happy tcp!

Joops said...

Definitely a chick flick movie hehehe..

Mine is up too!

Anonymous said...

Twilight is a story of Bella and Edward. Edward is actually a 108 years old vampire.even though she loves him.....Edward tries to resist getting attracted towards her, love finally wins.....i like the story of this movie....
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