Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ultimate wish

Husband’s ultimate wish since summer is that 32inches LCD TV. I am so excited to watch my favorite soap opera at night and I know he is excited all the more. I thought we would buy the LCD TV last weekend, but the frugal him attacked so we went home with nothing. He said he would wait for another promo next month, he is quite certain there will be another promo and the price would be much cheaper by that time. I am hoping he is getting it right coz I can’t wait for so long already.

In addition to having that precious LCD TV, i know we would need Direct TV. It will be fun weekend to watch all our favorites. Am sure we would be locked up at home for some time and enjoy the magic of the LCD TV plus directv. I can imagine how my daughter would be singing and danicing with barney or spongebob while watching her favorite cds on that huge screen. And yes, certainly husband would be glued on the sports channel.

Now and again, I always thank the importance of modern technology. Now we enjoy everything right in front of us right at home. I was just talking to a friend who lives in California, she said one of her friend just moved to New York but doesn’t worry much about cable TV and channels. There is direct tv in NY in case you don’t know!


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