Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The first year

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Yobib and I were already living together in an apartment in manila before our wedding but still there were a lot of adjustments, bumps and rough paths we had gone through for the first year of our married life. Yobib’s dad and my mother were confined to a hospital a month after our wedding. I was 7 months pregnant with yena at that time. There were lots of problems on the first 30 days, in terms of finances. But we made it through.

We had the worst fight on our first Christmas as husband and wife. I was 8 months pregnant when I ran away from their home and spent Christmas alone and crying. It wasn’t nice remembering that but now I smiled recalling how much of a fool I was. I don’t talk when angry while he talks a lot when mad. After few months of adjustments, we learned to communicate a lot. When Yena was born on January everything just fell into right places. We fight a little, laugh and cried with our foolishness and strive hard to be a blessing to each other.

8 months after the wedding, we have a 6 months old Yena :)

And just one thing, from the day we became a couple, husband gave the golden rule and that is to attend the mass and hear the word of God every sunday. He doesn't look religious i know, but he is really prayerful! It would be a hard life without God at the center of our lives, and I know and we try hard to make God the center of our union and our family..


Mom of Four said...

Mare, lagi kang nag ra run away ha..mukhang bihasa ka ng lumayas, dala mo ba ang mga balutan mo kapag umaalis ka?

Katuwa ka naman..mula ng makilala kita, ilang beses ka ng nag walk out kay Yobib? panay namana ng sundo sau..Hahahaha.. Kaswerte mong nilalang, sensitive ka siguro masyado, lucky ka at si Pareng Yobib ko eh super inlove sau.. Kaya hinahayaan ka lang.

Newly weds pa kau Mare, you will go through a lot more years of trials, and with strong LOVE, respect and good communcation, and guidance from Him, you will make it to the end. Just hang on..Marriage is not always heaven and you already knew.. Love u, muah!

eds said...

naku tama ka nman jan ate niko.. talagang God should be in the center of every marriage.. talaga yang story mo pang -maala-ala hehe.. naadik ka kakatakbo hehehe

heres mine >>

anne said...

well to test our faith is to undergo trials, anyway mine is up I hope u can take a visit thanks

darly said...

I totally agree with you, marriage will be more successful if God is in the center of the relationship.

Happy CC, mine is up too :)

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Manang Kim said...

Hello Niko, naku yang talk while angry many times I do that too pero you know what at the end of the day kung magkatabi na kami sa kama I really do say sorry to my husbandry. Kawawa din naman kasi eh kung iisipin ko parang I contributed to the mess din naman hehe.
I agree with you maraming bumps along the path, but thankfully we all get through from those bumps!! Untog here and there and drama hehe!
I like your story thanks for sharing. happy weekdays!

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Kero said...

ahahahaa. like yours, my husband too is far from religious but he is more prayerful than any person i know :)

i like your golden rule. i think it should apply to everybody :)

you are blessed and may God's grace continue to shine on your marriage.

my entry is here

Cecile said...

Niko, i agree with Liza, sanay na sanay ka yatang ng mag run away ha :-); sana last na run away mo na yung huli. I am sure you won't.

thanks for sharing your story, dear!

happy thursday morning, muahhh!

Cecile said...

oops, nawala yung entry ko dito :-); anyway, sana yung running away na yan eh huli na ha; sanay ka mag walk away eh :-).

tama, God should always be in the center of your husband and wife...hugs for Yena, ha for me!

acmumcee said...

o love it when husbands give that golden rule.. how I wish masabi din yan ni hubbydubs ko.. naturingang seminarista, sya yung tamad.. wahaha!!! minsan naiisip ko nga, sana I didn't give up nalang my religion kung di rin lang naman pala kame lagi magsisimba.. wahaha!!! both of us are not really religious, I may want to.. but, I don't know how.. I don't have the right foundation eh, so I don't know how to be one.. but i'm praying.. and thanks for all the moms around like you who brings me closer to Him.. More to go Mommy Niko..

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