Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Gifts for Him or Her

Husband and I bought our LCD TV last weekend. And that 32 inches delight is still on its box lying on one corner of the house. That is our Christmas gift for each other. The made- to-order entertainment rack will be delivered on the 26th, so we will start watching on that tube after Christmas. But there’s no hurrying.. As I said that is a Christmas gift so it’s supposed to be unwrapped on the Christmas day right?

I must say the best gifts of the season are those intangibles. Like you know where I am heading now but still I want to say that the best gift ever is love- - it is by giving and sharing that we find true joy. We give gifts on Christmas because it is Christ’s birthday! Our gifts aren’t necessary pricey. It is not the material things that matter. Our love is the best gift we give to others. That never runs out of season BUT if you are looking for some techie stuff to give your beloved half head on to DIY gadgets. I found a lot of useful stuffs that will surely bring smile to your loved ones. Did I say your gifts should not be expensive? But if you have lots of savings to spend, head on! It would hurt your pocket once but will surely make someone happy!


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