Saturday, December 12, 2009

What to do when you're lonely?

Huh! Who's lonely? Definitely not me! er.. alright, am sort of sad. It has been three days and two nights without my masunget husband and i miss him like crazy. I thought for so long he will be on work trip once every month, but it seems he is into travel lately.. not that am complaining, i know how much he loves his work and we both cannot afford to lose our job at this very trying times. :D

But since i started this post with a question, i might as well answer that 'stupid' question. Since husband left and since i don't want to use the internet connection at work i buried my self with my ebooks. I just finished reading ECLIPSE and BREAKING DAWN and those two ebooks accompanied me on my lonely days and nights. :D yes, not even blogging.. Smartbro wireless really sucks.


Now am running out of ebooks! Good thing he will be home tonight.. And who is excited??? Definitely yena.. er- ME! And he told me he has the internet connection i have been dreaming.. i will be back to my blogging life soon, and am crossing my fingers now! yey


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