Saturday, December 12, 2009


Rodliz’s Nest

I'm back with a vengeance, LOL! I miss my entries at CC, this is where i can voice out all my thoughts regarding what and what nots on my marriage, and i love the feeling of speaking up. I know my husband would be thrilled to see nice, sweet and tear jerky notes now instead of me blabbing about his jealousy BUT this is my blog. His 3 days out of town trip will be over so i have to voice it out now while my freedom to speak lasts. LOL

My husband is really the jealous lover! There is one specific thing that makes him crazy.. He gets jealous every time i mention a word about soldier. Anything related to military life gets him down. Tell him anything about soldier/military through me and his mood will turn upside down!!


Mom of Four said...

Ganon? sesitive pala siya when it comes to the word "soldier" gawa ng ex fiance mo?

And you don't get jealous? I know you do, but most of the time, it's him who does, right? Rodney is the jealous one..he reads all my blogs every single time, even the comments, esp. if it's from guys name. grabe yun, kala mo naman ang ganda ko!

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