Friday, January 08, 2010

Celebrate Anniversaries the CHEESY way

Husband and I celebrate two very special days monthly - our monthsary as lovers (the day we officially became an item) and as a couple (the day we officially became husband and wife). So when my friend, Ate Binx asked me to blog some tips on how to celebrate anniversary the non-cheesy way I declined. I told her am sooo cheesssy.. ;)

So here are my cheesy tips – those that husband and I already did and those that I am looking forward of doing.. hahah

1st year: Bonding galore

Husband isn’t into books, but we spent our first year anniversary cuddling while reading our books we bought as gifts for each other. We dined at our favorite restaurant and spent the whole day together..

2nd year: Romantic Getaway

Visit Coron, this is so recommended for couples who like some rest and recreation. Almost all the white sand beaches are secluded, you can swim, snorkel together and have all the fun under the sun, stars and the moon.. I highly recommend the cottage we stayed in – visit coron and stay at Krystal Lodge! You won’t regret it..

Oh well, the ff are my random thoughts on how cheesy I am when celebrating anniversaries well some are petty but sweet while some are grand..

1. Leave a love note on his pocket or to any secret place on the day of your anniversary or paste it somewhere he goes first thing in the morning.

2. Wake him up at 12AM, greet him and kiss him. Am sure this will lead to something you both love to do. ;)

3. Surprise him by sending roses at his work or wherever he may be. This is an ultimate ‘cheesy’ thing for men no matter how much masculine they are! Let the flowers do the talking..

4. Go to a romantic place like Tagaytay and spend the day holding hands while strolling. If you can stay overnight on a cottage, the better! Prepare him breakfast in bed. Ultimate cheesiness. ;)

5. Call him or email him you want to go out for a date. If you can make reservation for a romantic candlelight dinner, do it! Or eat on your fave restaurant or fast food chain. The place would not matter anyway..

6. Watch romantic movie together, go to a bar or somewhere secluded where you can talk or just stare at one another

7. Take another honeymoon to a destination that you both wanted to visit.. or just check into a hotel nearby.. ;)

8. Stay at home, cook his favorite food, light candles – create a very romantic atmosphere. Share your thoughts, discuss anything you want to. Tease him while talking..

9. Go on a picnic. Pack your picnic hamper and bring all your favorite foods. Communicate while feasting on the food. Stare, kiss, cuddle and hug each other. Or talk about the old times when you first met

10. Call him and confess how much you love him. Email him or talk deliciously on chatrooms. Flirt with him like there’s no more tomorrow.

Choose on how much you are willing to commemorate the high and low times you conquered with your partner! Just don’t forget to CELEBRATE! Enjoy and cherish each other’s company. A grand date or you simple you-and-me time together could do wonder to make your anniversary more memorable!


Binx said...

-cant go somewhere far, di na pwede malaking tyan sa plane. hehe!
-leave a note.. pwede! i might do that. hehe!
-wake him at 12AM... cannot be, he doesnt want to be awaken in the middle of his sleep, nagbabagong anyo sya! hahaha!
-send him roses.. sobrang cheesssy na talaga neto. :D
-yeah, might go somewhere like tagaytay na lang siguro. im thinking of going to sonias. ung eat all u can.
-stay at home and cook, cant be. hirap na gumalaw si buntis.. hehe!
-also checked online for nearby hotels, kaya lang mamahal! min of 5k for overnight stay. hayz...

bahala na nga lang.. hehe! Thanks ganda!

K said...

yikes cheesy nga! haha! 2 at 9 lagi namin ginagawa :D

Clarissa said...

Aww.. thanks for the tips!!I love to make my husband soo cheesey,too lol!!And here's my tip kahit hinde anniversary:When he comes back from work I would say "What would you like to do first?Eat dinner?Take a shower?Or Take me to bed?" ehe!LOL!\(^0^)/

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