Monday, January 25, 2010

I know what you did last weekend

We had a very hectic weekend. I took a vacation leave last Friday coz I offered my service as a flower arranger for husband’s cousin’s wedding. We went to buy the cheapest roses at Dangwa and I had a grand time decorating them the whole day.

The wedding happened the next day, Saturday and it was a blast. I was a proud mother when my daughter walks down the aisle; she was one of the flower girls by the way. When the bride walks down the aisle everybody was moved to tears.

After the wedding, we went to meet a very dear friend who came from Japan. The details of that I have to share very soon. We went home tired but still wanted to have some TV time. Husband used to watch basketball game but is still longing for more sports. That’s the main reason why I have been looking for a DIRECT TV near us.

There will be lots of options on our viewing time and I would not be bored on choosing over 2 channels. I have been asking one neighbor who has a DIRECTTV and I am thinking if I should get their service too. I need a Direct TV Satellite before March; I want to watch Manny Pacquiao fights versus Cottley at home. For sure husband would love the idea!


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