Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ever After

My favorite love story of all time is The Notebook. I just love the film and the actors on it. But what i like to feature on TCP this week is my second favorite love film of all – EVER AFTER. I have been looking around for my own copy of this one.. I need to have a DVD, husband has to watch this ASAP. LOL
Ever After Summary at IMDB
If Cinderella was a true story, it would be very much like Ever After. Danielle D'Barbarac, is the strong, fiery daughter of a dead nobleman. She works as a servant to her step mother, the Baroness D Gent. One day Danielle pretends to be a courtier to help a servant escape from being taken to the Americas. She captures the eye of the most unlikely person, the crowned prince of France! The two fall in love, but they are up against the ruthless Baroness D Gent, and her spoiled daughter, Marguerite who are determined to see that Margurite becomes Henry's bride. However with the servants, Danielle's kind step sister, Jacqueline, and Leonardo Da Vinci on Danielle's side, Danielle and Prince Henry's love can survive even though he is a prince and she is a servant girl. Written by x_baby angel


jo.frougal said...

Too bad I haven't seen this, as I usually enjoy Drew's movies.
Please check out my entry here.

rossel said...

i haven't seen this too but will definitely add this on my must-see movie list. my tcp entry today is 50 first dates, also a drew barrymore's film.

Mys said...

I've seen this! I love her in it. I love her line, " Just Breathe!". Everytime it got shown in star movies, I would watch it. Plus, great philosophical bantering.

Mommy Liz said...

This is a Cinderella kind of movie, really nice and Drew was superb. Great choice of movie Mare..

simply kim said...

you are sooo right.. i love this one too. 'so girly' but what's the big deal.. i'm a girl, hehehe...how about '50 first dates?' seen that one?

kikamz said...

looks like an interesting movie anik.. parang modern cinderella story. i have to check my memory if i've already seen this one... but to be sure, i'll watch this na lang. hehe!

thanks for joining us this week ha? hope you can join us for next week's theme: For The LOVE of Kids/Children. till next week, take care and happy tcp. hugs boyeng for me!

p.s. sali ka rin sa small give-away ko ha? you might win a dvd of your choice. hugs!

melandria said...

i do love this movie also, would you believe that i have watched it for more than ten times already. Grabe talaga, i can totally relate on the movie that is maybe the reason i love it, LOL.


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