Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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I was about to have my lunch when my phone rung this afternoon, I knew at once it was my husband calling. After a little chit chat we end up the call with our magic words – I love you and I love you too.

Husband and I say that magic words countless times a day. Consistently, every morning before parting to work, on the phone, on YM, on emails and before sleeping – a kiss and a whisper of I love you…

I have a husband who is very sweeet and much more flirty than me! So this shall be my share for today’s theme of “Have I told you lately” at CC! Happy CC Everyone..

PS: And for the title? That’s how our daughter yena pronounces I LOVE YOU. For my husband who for sure is reading this – AYABYU Daddy!


Mom of Four said...

Ang sweet din ah, talagang 3 times a day ang sabihan ng I love you? ahahhaa, may bilang pa. Well, sometimes, out of the blue you would feel like saying it to your spouse, and they wonder what you want, hehehe. Katuwa tong mga member ng CC, lahat mga inlove sa hubbies at super mga sweet. Siguro nga, kasi kapag hindi successful ang marriage, ayaw sumali sa CC natin, di ba? or nahihiya lang ang ibang i share ang kanilang love story, hmmm..

Thanks for joining Mare..AYABYU!

eds said...

ayayayay! Ayabyu! hehehe i love it! ate nico ma-keso din pala si hubby mo .. hehe feel ko lang pag nabasa nia to, daig pa nia ang tinubuan ng pakpak.. :D

Cecile said...

yena is so sweet, i love the way she says "ayabyu" daddy :-)!

AC said...

aww.. it feels so good hearing our kids say those words.. si Alyssa ko naman kahit wala lang, bigla nyang sasabihin, "I Love You, Mum!".. and syempre eh hindi nawawala yun sa ating mga sweethearts.. =)

teJan said...

hahahah... cute! indeed, we always end up with these words.

have a lovely CC!

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