Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jogging Time Tomorrow

It's a DATE. Husband and i will jog later at 5AM. Wish me luck coz it's already 1241AM!!!

I should be resting from blogging but i can't. I tried to not peek on my blogs the whole day but i gave up.. I guess i reached the highest level of blog addiction already. Coz right now am not yet half to thinking on updating my blog notebook.

BLOG NOTEBOOK?! Yeah i got one, lol. Funny but my notes are everywhere and that notebook is for 'kikay' purposes only..

Anyways, got to go and hit the sack. The two babies are snoring already, hihih. Have a fruitful weekend every one!


Tetcha said...

Wow! Fitness buddies! It's great to work out with a partner; it's more effective that way 'coz somebody is there to push you to your limit.

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