Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CC: Our days at work

Hmmmm. Don’t know where to start. Well, for those who do not know yet, husband and I work full time on weekdays so we go to work together in the morning. And when he doesn’t need to render overtime we go home together too. The bus is our second home, we sleep there all the time. It’s 1 to 2 hours travel time from Makati to Cavite so that’s enough time to get some much needed sleep.

Sometime ago, my office is 5 buildings (or so) away from his office so when I wanted some snack I would just YM him or put ‘I like palabok’ on a status message and he would surprise me in a flash. The snack is right in front of my table already, he is the sweetest I know! Or when I want to lunch out I would just call him making him feel guilty of not taking me out on a date and boila he would invite me out for lunch!

In the mornings, we would walk hand and hand going to my office to have our breakfast at the canteen and then send me off to my work. And I have someone fetching me at the lobby after work. We would stroll the Makati area and wait for the bus home.

But since his office is already at The Fort, our lunch date and the surprise snacks were impossible already and oh I miss those days hihi. But no, there’s still email, phone and yahoo messenger that connects us. And we always start the day with iloveus at ym.

How about you? Share your days at work with your beloved at CC this wednesday or click to see other couples at Couples Corner. Happy CC!

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Rossel said...

wow, ka-sweet naman talaga ni yobib mo! parang ayaw talagang maghiwalay, pagpasok at pag-uwi magkasabay pa rin.

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AC said...

ang sweet sweet!!! kame sweet din, pero I know you're much more sweeter... kakainggit! hehehe...

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