Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Mushroom Story

The Mushroom LoversAlign Center

We call ourselves mushroom lovers back at the time when we have to hide our love BUT while mushrooms are sprouting at its peak during rainy season, we represent a love that endures all weather.

We had sung You And Me Against The World AND is currently singing Looks Like We Made It! Sing with us and join us in our little journey of keeping the love alive.. now that we found our FOREVER!

- - Yobib and Niko

The Baby MushroomAlign Center

Yelena Hayden aka Yena or Boyengyeng

That is what we named her. From Helen of Troy's name to Yelena, it might sound russian but that is what the wife prefers rather than Athena or any other greek goddesses' names. Hayden is from Hayden Panettiere of the Heroes star from Hollywood! ;)

She is the little angel we have been waiting for. Finally now we are indeed a Family! She is the reason why we keep on singing. She is our constant source of joy, hope and inspiration! Be with us while we wait for her to sing with us - Together Forever!


AC said...

aww... another lovely family here... Because of CC, I think I can imagine how lovely you could be as lovers, Mommy Niko... And I'm glad I am able to take a peek of your life through blogging...

Btw, I trasferred na po pala to wordpress. My Happy Home Working is there na po, soon to follow yung 3 pa.. You might want to check it out if you've got a free time. And of course, you're still on my blogroll po... See you around...

peppermayo said...

Hi Niko! first time ko sa blog mo na to. taga-Cavite ka rin pala? ;p

Mommy Rubz said...

Hello Mommy Niko! Came here from blog party! Nice knowing you. :)

It's me Mommy Rubz.

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