Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Meet My Mothers

I love this May's theme at Couple's Corner! There's no meme out there where we talk about our Mothers and am so thankful for the host for thinking about this in time for Mother's Day! It's Mother's Month at CC and i love it! Thanks Mareng Liz! ^_^

Anyways, here's my beloved MIL. Her name is Daisy and she is mestiza. I will be forever grateful to her for giving birth to my beloved husband hihih. There are lots of woman out there who has problems with their inlaws but am so lucky for my MIL and FIL(+) for loving me as their own daughter.

Neil, JM, Yena and my MIL

And now presenting Jelly, the most important woman in my life, my mother whom i would trade my life with hihih. I admit i am a father's girl but i love this woman to bits! I caused her so much grief when i married yobib but everything is under the bridge now. She loves Yobib and Yena so much. She gave me the house we are living now just beside her house and she takes care of Yena when yobib and i are at work!

Fourth from the left is my Mother

Hey its your turn to brag about your mothers! Join us at Couple's Corner by clicking the badge below. See you!
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Chie Wilks said...

hindi naman talaga tau mtitiis ng mga loving mothers natin una magtatampo..kesyo aalis na tau sa bahay nila at bubuo na tau ng sarili nating pamilya paano na daw cla...sabi ko nga sa mama ko noon nung ngpropose na si hubby ko "kaw nga ma eh, ngtanan kau ni papa" Hayy...Happy mothers' day to your mommies sis Niko

Mommy Liz said...

Mare, kamukha mo ang mother mo, alam ko na ang itsura mo kapag tumanda ka, hahaha!

You are so lucky for having a great mom whom you will trade your life with, and a MIL that is also great for raising your beloved hubby. di lahat ng DIL eh nakakasundo ang kanilang MIL, we're both blessed. Katwiran ko, I will be myself when I am with my in-laws, and dahil ako eh likas namang mabait (hehehe) kaya I feel that my in laws like me naman, hehehe..

beakoluvko said...

ei niko i agree with are liz you look like ur mom. hehehheh.
Happy that you have a great relationship with your moms.

happy mother's day niko

Rossel said...

i agree with Liz, kamukha mo mama mo. at daddy's girl ka pala ha?

ang importante e ok na kayo ngayon ni mama mo at ok na rin sila ni yobib. maswerte si yena kase naaalagaan sya ni lola nya.

advance happy mother's day, Niko! mwaaah!

sweet_shelo said...

Cheers for the great mothers you have sis.. You are lucky to have a great MIL.. you are ones of the lucky few indeed to have such a great relationship with her.

Our mothers sometime may feel bad at us, but when it comes to their apos, they become soft jellies..=)

Happy Mother's Day Sis!!!

Prettymom said...

ang cool naman ng mama mo 'te niko and true! kamukha mo nga sya :)

Happy Mothers day! :)

ACmomCee said...

Happy Mother's day Mommy Niko and to your 2 mothers as well... ang saya naman, free house... ganun nga talaga noh? wag lang mapalayo ang anak... and you don't need yaya na kase mas trusted ang mag aalaga kay Yena...

tatess said...

bait naman ni mother at binigyan pa kayo ng haws para wag malayo sa kanya.

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