Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Pregnancy Story

This is a just a repost of my Conceived after two depressions entry last January 2009. I don’t have internet connection at home and I find it hard to blog at work (am using proxy to somehow open my blogs). But I cannot afford to miss this week’s theme at Couple’s Corner. So this shall be my entry on my pregnancy story. ^_^

Hubby and i have been through a lot when we decided to be together sometime ago. Just like any other couple we've been through ups and downs! We've been to the long and winding road of fighting for our love. But there was two instances then that i thought id give up, i can sense hubby felt the same too! It was the time when we were both impatient to have our own baby.

My ob said i have mayoma, my left and right ovary were not healthy, in fact the ob cant find any egg cells. So planning a baby with my condition seemed futile. I underwent medication to regulate my mentruation and to have a healthy egg cells.. Patiently we waited for the baby. :)

Then a week of missed periods, jumped hubby for joy. He told me have my pregnancy test kit and check if i was already expecting. Miserably i get out of the comfort room weeping. Told myself, this was not yet the moment. But hubby felt terribly depressed. I was depressed all the more.

My first kit showing one line, negative. :(

The second time of my missed periods again, he was not expecting anything at all. I wa so nervous. I was worried i cant give him a child he has been wanting. Thoughts of husband leaving mefor another woman who could bare his child was running on my mind. I was hopeless all the more when the result turned to negative.

So there, after two depressions on a fine day of june, after a day of work and two months of missed period, i decided to try to have my kit ready again. And there we were, hubby and i, numb and speechless. Coz by that time, we saw two lines we've never seen before! That was then we knew... our baby was here already. :)

The two lines, positive! :)

And that was our Yena, our ultimate source of joy now, who was conceived after two depressions!

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Rossel said...

hoping for nothing always makes us depressed. had the same situation as yours. but our bundle of joy worth the wait.

anne said...

Well Yean is worth the wait girl, because GOD gave you an angel,

Mommy Liz said...

ganon naman lagi di ba? kapag di ka na naghihintay, saka darating, saka sabi nila, yung first pregnancy ang laging matagal dumating, although ako kasi sabi nga ni rodney mahakbangan lang buntis agad, ehehehe! Oh eh kelan na ang kasunod? tinanong eh noh?

tatess said...

Our babies are Gods greatest gift for us all.

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