Wednesday, June 02, 2010

CC: Husband as a Son

Husband grew up in a household where the saying –action speaks louder than words exists. But the bonding within the family members is incomparable. They talk about everything and anything under the sun. Quiet closed. The word love is apparent from the parents down to the grandchildren.

I don’t know if I should share this but husband has been suffering depression since his papa, my FIL died last year. He is blaming himself for everything – when papa got his first stroke and the day papa died. Since they don’t kiss and say I love you in the household – husband’s first and last utter of I love you to papa and his last embrace was the day he died. I am guilty with this but I also grew up not used to saying I love you to my parents – BUT I often embrace, kiss and hug them when I get the chance. So imagine how much husband was feeling the day his beloved papa died.

In spite of it all, I see husband as a son who is willing to do everything and anything for his parents. He loves them to bits and sees to it that they live comfortably. Now that mama is alone, it’s husband silent rule to spend weekends in his parent’s house to at least bring smile to mama’s face by spending time with her.

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tatess said...

same with my family back home ,we don't usually say I love you but we show it by action unlike with my husbands side, saying these 3 words is a part of out lives.

Rossel said...

yobib is such a sweet son, niko. you're very lucky kase ayon sa kasabihan kung pano tratuhin ng anak ang magulang e ganoon din daw tatratuhin ang asawa.

Mommy Liz said...

sabi mo nga action speaks louder than words di ba? so if hindi man nasabi ni Pareng Yobib ang i love you na beefore namatay ang kanyang father, his dad knew that Yobib loves him. Yuna ng importatnte dun. At ang depression is normal, I got depressed when my father passed away, I was blaming myself for not finding a cure. But, what can I do? minsan gang dun na lang talaga ang kanilang life. I can se that Yobib is a great son and also a father. Lucky you Mare..both of us for having YObib and Rodney as our better halves.

Bambie dear ★ said...

I'm so sure na kahit di nasabi ng hubby mo yun until his father's last breath, alam na ng papa nya yun. Di naman kasi uso ang maging vocal at expressive sa mga parents natin diba (atleast sa generation natin lol), kaya naman as much as possible sinasanay na natin maging vocal mga kids natin.

Cecile said...

actions speak louder than words din sa side ko at ni hubby, but that doesn't mean we don't love them, right? kaya sa atin, di pa huli ang lahat...we still have time to say iloveyou to our parents and loved ones.

AC said...

aww... this is I think my first time here when I didn't smile... ngayon lang ako nakabasa ng serious post mo gurl... sabi nga, nasa huli ang pagsisisi... I really hope hindi mag regret ng ganyan si hubby kase I believe they're the same. My hubby don't verbally show how much he loves his parents and same goes the other way... good thing they were able to change it in our own families dba?

By MelCole of PA said...

Yep, were the same, actions speak louder din sa family ko and my hubby's too. I hope your hubby will overcome the stress about losing his father. Time to bond more with families and relatives.

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