Monday, June 07, 2010

Embrace your Imperfect Husband NOW!

What keeps me up every monday is Bo Sanchez articles (am so glad I subscribed through my mail) I love how he writes and gives inspirations to a lot of people. I am a big fan.

Anyways, last week’s article made me go home at sharp 5pm to hug, kiss and spend the time with my daughter. If only I can be a WAHM I would -in a swift. But I cannot afford to lose my job. Cannot. I will be a WAHM soon when I win the lottery, hahah. But I don’t even bet so that’s as good as dreaming.

Well, today’s article is about living your NOW, and part of it is about a woman who just lost her husband 3 months ago, she told this to Bo;

“My husband wasn’t perfect. But I’ll give anything to hold his hand again. I’ll give anything to sit beside him now. I’ll give anything to hear him laugh. I’ll give anything to serve him again. But I can’t. It’s impossible. So please Bo. Tell the wives to enjoy their imperfect husbands while they can. Because it won’t be forever.”

Read the article here.

Now, i want to teleport to where my husband is and hold his hands, kiss and embrace the ‘imperfect’ him and hear his endless teasing again. Oh, I can’t wait tonight!


ACmomCee said...

aww... I'll do it... as soon as he gets home... thanks gurl... I'm gonna subscribe nadin... I want to be inspired... all the time...

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